The next plugin we'll discuss is Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Orders.


Contains statuses for which you are allowed to cancel an order.

  • AllowCancelStatuses (Collection<string>)
    Default values are Pending, Problem, OnHoldand are defined in the environment JSON's.


  • EnableQuickCheckout (bool, default: false)
  • EnableGuestCheckout (bool, default: false)
  • EnableTermsAndConditions (bool, default: false)
  • MinimumOrderQuantity (Decimal, default: Decimal.One)

In JSON the default values are all changed to true for the boolean properties.


  • CreatedOrderStatus (string, default: Pending)
  • InvoicePrefix (string, default: empty string)
  • InvoiceSuffix (string, default: empty string)
  • AllowOrderCancel (bool, default: true)
  • SubmittedOrderList (string, default: PendingOrders)
  • CompletedOrderList (string, default: CompletedOrders)

This policy just seems to be used because of its CreatedOrderStatus property, which is set when an order is created. Couldn't find other situations where it was used.


Contains a list of actions that can be applied on an order. Used in entity views.

  • CancelOrder (string)
  • HoldOrder (string)
  • CommitOnHoldOrder (string)
  • CancelOnHoldOrder (string)
  • UndoOnHoldOrder (string)
  • Checkout (string)
  • SubmitOrder (string)
  • EditLineItem (string)
  • DeleteLineItem (string)
  • AddLineItem (string)
  • PaginatedOrdersList (string)

The default values of these properties are the name of the properties.


Contains names for lists used in order processing

  • Orders (string)
  • PendingOrders (string)
  • OnHoldOrders (string)
  • ProblemOrders (string)
  • ReleasedOrders (string)
  • CompletedOrders (string)
  • CancelledOrders (string)
  • OrdersIndex (string)
  • FraudOrders (string)
  • ShippedOrders (string)
  • AnonymousOrders (string)
  • AuthenticatedOrders (string)
  • SalesCharges (string)
  • SalesCredits (string)
  • SettleSalesActivities (string)
  • SettledSalesActivities (string)
  • ProblemSalesActivities (string)
  • CustomerOrders (string, default: "Orders-ByCustomer-{0}")
  • OrderSalesActivities (string, default: "Order-{0}-SalesActivity")

The default values of these properties are the name of the properties.


Contains names of known order statuses.

  • Pending (string, default: "Pending")
  • Released (string, default: "Released")
  • Completed (string, default: "Completed")
  • OnHold (string, default: "OnHold")
  • Cancelled (string, default: "Cancelled")
  • Problem (string, default: "Problem")
  • MinLength (int, default: 5)
  • MaxLength (int, default: 20)

MinLength and MaxLength contain minimum and maximum length for the contents of the status field


Contains the names of the order views used in the Business Tools. If you want to extend a view, use these names to find the view you want to extend.

  • OrdersDashboard ('string', default: '"OrdersDashboard"')
  • Preview ('string', default: '"Preview"')
  • Summary ('string', default: '"Summary"')
  • Master ('string', default: '"Master"')
  • Lines ('string', default: '"Lines"')
  • EditLineItem ('string', default: '"EditLineItem"')
  • AddLineItem ('string', default: '"AddLineItem"')
  • Line ('string', default: '"Line"')
  • Adjustments ('string', default: '"Adjustments"')
  • Adjustment ('string', default: '"Adjustment"')
  • Messages ('string', default: '"Messages"')
  • Message ('string', default: '"Message"')
  • Orders ('string', default: '"Orders"')


Names of sales activity statuses.

  • Pending (string, default: "Pending")
  • Settled (string, default:"Settled"`)
  • Problem (string, default:"Problem"`)
  • Void (string, default:"Void"`)
  • Completed (string, default:"Completed"`)


List of statuses that indicate the can be placed on hold.

  • AllowHoldStatuses (List<string>, default: empty)

The json configuration defines Pending and Problem as statuses from which an order can be placed on-hold.